Should I keep interviewing at 5 months pregnant?


I’m five months pregnant and due to unforeseen circumstances, desperately seeking a new job. I’m in California, so have already made peace with the fact that I likely won’t quality for FMLA if I start now. My immediate concern is the actual process of interviewing while pregnant! I’ve just begun to show, and have already been on an interview where both the hiring manager and other senior manager I met with were 
looking at me suspiciously. Not a word was said, but I’m sure they were all thinking the same thing. Is there a way I can address this up front and tell them that I’m prepared to take time off without pay and will return to work after one month before they ask?

I’ve made a handful of offers to those who happen to have been pregnant, and it was no big deal. They were up front with it, and had a plan. And someone with a well thought out plan is better than one (not pregnant) without a plan. And all the hiring teams I’ve worked with have felt the same – being pregnant is temporary. I get that bringing someone on is an investment in training and bringing them up to speed takes away efficiency from the current team. But it does not detract from one’s work experience and the value they bring – it’s rather short-sighted to remove someone from consideration because they are growing a human. Come on. And sometimes they decide being a parent has become more important than the work they are doing, and that’s no different than someone deciding they want a new career path.

So congrats on your upcoming bundle of joy, and keep looking!

Should I keep interviewing at 5 months pregnant?

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