Timesheets are never completed on time

This is a job specific question:


I am a timesheet administrator for my entire region, which comprises of several hundred people. In our company if someone doesn’t complete their timesheet by the deadline, we can’t process for the entire company. Because a lot of what we do is project-based, it’s not as easy as entering time on a single line. There are lots of older staff who don’t feel like they need to follow the deadline, and while I have repeatedly told them that it needs to be completely entered, a good part of my day on timesheet days are still spent chasing people down, but since I’m ultimately responsible, I am the one getting nasty emails from corporate when it’s not done. How can I get them to pay attention?

This sounds so easy, when in practice, it’s a nightmare. You need to either get your managers to reiterate to the group that they must be submitted on time, or face consequences. I’ve done this in past roles, and here’s what I used to do (disclaimer: check with your HR/legal department before doing anything, this is not to be construed as the right thing to do) – so if someone had entered their time for up to 30 hours properly (assuming a 40 hour workweek), and I could not get a response from multiple calls or emails, as my last resort, I would send them an email, copying my manager and theirs, that I was inputting the missing 10 hours into the timesheet against their PTO. And if it was not correct, to let me know and we could labor correct it. I mean,one could only assume that the only reason for not entering their timesheet or responding was because they were out of the office.

Timesheets are never completed on time

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